KTU Museum promotes the traditions, preserves the historic memory, reveals the significance of the University and its influence on the development of the state and its society, local science and culture. Objective of the museum – to represent and publicly present the history, personalities and heritage of the University and its divisions.

KTU history

Kaunas University of Technology originates from the University of Lithuania founded in 1922. It fosters and continues the traditions of Lithuanian science. You are invited to learn the University’s rich history that preserves its significance in the present and creates the future.



Museum collects, stores and promotes the historical values related to the history of the University, its divisions, buildings and biographies of its most prominent personalities. Museum also records and publicises the history, develops multi-dimensional educational and research activities, cooperates with other local and foreign museums, cultural, educational institutions and organisations. The most interesting exhibits related to the University’s history are presented at the Museum, as well as constant expositions.


Virtual exhibitions

Museum organises virtual exhibitions to reveal the University’s history, achievement and traditions, to present to its visitors the persons, who worked and studied at the University.


University's heritage

KTU is proud of the unique heritage of the University of Lithuania – ir fosters and preserves the valuable heritage of science, culture and technology, acquired in various historical periods. Museum’s Council of Heritage analyses the relevant problems related to the preservation of the University’s historical heritage, it initiates the commemorations of the historical and cultural anniversaries and pays respects to the events of the University’s past.



KTU Museum
K. Donelaičio St. 73, Kaunas
Tel. (8 37) 30 06 33

Prof. K. Vasiliauskas Laboratory of Strength of Materials
Gedimino St. 50, Kaunas

Head of Museum
dr. Audronė Veilentienė
K. Donelaičio St. 73, room 109, Kaunas
Tel. (8 37) 30 06 33