Virtual Exhibitions

Museum organises virtual exhibitions to reveal the University’s history, achievement and traditions, to present to its visitors the persons, who worked and studied at the University.



KTU Academic Choir “Jaunystė” is 95 (in Lithuanian)

95th Anniversary of Academic Kazimieras Ragulskis

90th Anniversary of Prof. Vyda Kęsgailaitė Ragulskienė

95th Anniversary of Prof. Romualdas Baltrušis

They Created the University of Lithuania

On January 13, We Were the Nation of Heroes



80th anniversary of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

100th Anniversary of Prof. Algirdas Matukonis

130th Anniversary of Prof. Kazys Sleževičius

Rebellious Count. 140th Anniversary of Prof. Antanas Gravrogkas

60th Anniversary of Prof. K. Baršauskas Ultrasound Research Institute

KTU lecturers – the signatories of the Act of Independence of March 11

 120th Anniversary of Col. Dr. Pranas Lesauskis



KTU Folk Art Ensemble Nemunas is 70

100th anniversary of Vice-Rector Romanas Chomskis

Moments: real and acted – KTU Theatre Studio is 70

We grew up by Nemunas…

Prof. Steponas Kairys is 140

Prof. Kazimieras Vasiliauskas is 140



Doctor Juozas Nemeikša is 130

School of Economics and Business is 50

110th anniversary of Adolfas Damušis

30th anniversary of Sąjūdis

Independence Heralds



KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology – 70

Traditional costume in the University’s history